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Kitchen Party

A Newfoundland Tradition

There ain’t no party like a Newfoundland Kitchen Party! Join local recording artist Dave Shears for our own interpretation of this lively local tradition. Sing along, and even grab your own traditional NL instrument to play along with the band. And don’t forget to get Screeched in! No trip to our shores can be complete without partaking in this unique ceremony that will get your tongue in a twist, put hairs on your chest, and make you an honorary Newfoundlander in the process! Kitchen Parties take place on Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday nights from late May to October 5th.

Show starts at 8:30 pm

$10.00 Admission (cash only – tax included)

Screech~in’s $10.00 extra (includes 1 oz Screech and Certificate/tax included)

Look in on the Kitchen Party